Iconic New Jonsson Workwear Depot PMB Store

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The Jonsson Workwear Depot in Pietermaritzburg is now bigger and better equipped to give you the ultimate workwear shopping experience. The store which was one of the first few Depots to open in May 2011 has been rebuilt to house everything workwear.

This iconic store has set the precedent for regenerating the area and setting new trends for workwear shopping.

The new state of the art building which houses the Jonsson Workwear Depot is spacious, which means more products will be available on the floor to ceiling shelves, ensuring that all workwear needs are taken care of.

Industry experts are at hand to assist, helping costumers find products and share their expertise on the right product for every costumer. Great service is important to us and every consumer who walks into the Jonsson Workwear Depot will leave satisfied.

Jonsson Workwear Supports The Paper Money Project

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When you’re at an intersection in Durban you might get the urge to roll up your windows, avoiding the people who ask for money at the robots, but hold on. You might want to carefully look at the guys dressed in high visibility clothing selling newspapers.

Jonsson Workwear has supplied high visibility workwear to some of the people who usually beg at intersections, who have now become Paper Money entrepreneurs, selling newspapers to motorists.

The Paper Money project started when the Denis Hurley Centre collaborated with Urban Lime to try and get those currently begging, away from asking people for money, and instead have a chance to empower themselves by making their own money.

The vendors sell the newspapers to motorists for the price of R10, as it is the smallest note available, hence the term ‘paper money.’  They then get to keep half of the money they make.

The project manager Stuart Talbot from the Denis Hurley Centre says the aim of this project is “to turn most beggars operating at robots in Durban into entrepreneurial newspaper vendors.”




DC Induction

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Step into our world and see how our team at the Jonsson Workwear distribution centre were recently reignited, through understanding our vision and values. The energetic spirit encouraged each member to keep playing their important role.

365 Warm Workwear Lions

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The Jonsson Workwear team spent a day at the Emirates Airline Park with three Lions players to create new Warm Workwear video.

JRE Workshop Highlights

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Step into our world and see how we inspired our retail advisors to “LEVEL UP” your ultimate Jonsson Workwear Retail Experience. This exciting training workshop was held in our beautiful auditorium in the heart of our Durban office.


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JONSSON WORKWEAR is proud to be the official workwear sponsor of the 2016 FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon. The three day high performance event proved to be very challenging. The elements were very erratic, but the paddlers persevered on despite the rain and scorching sun.

Our purpose during this grueling event, was to lift the spirits of both paddlers and supporters and aid all in need. On day one, we were very fortunate to bring on board, Township Vocals who added excitement to the rapids with their song and dance routines. On day two the JONSSON WORKWEAR team assisted campers at Inanda Dam, to pitch their tents for free!

We searched for our JONSSON WORKWEAR #Paddlerswithpurpose from day one. We collected beautiful stories of camaraderie and empathy. Congratulations to all paddlers who have completed the FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon 2016, we can only hope the FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon 2017 is as successful!