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Our Iconic Brand

Jonsson Workwear

Brand Building

What makes a brand iconic?

An iconic brand is surprising, never compromising and opportunistic.
An iconic brand can alter perception and drive a category forward.

By keeping all of our intellectual property and energy in-house, we are able to live and breathe the Jonsson Workwear brand, driving it forward together.

We believe that it is the responsibility of everyone at Jonsson Workwear to ensure that the message out there matches the feeling and focus in here, which in turn increases awareness and helps us grow.

Our Sponsorships

Sports and entertainment are powerful tools, they have the ability to transcend race and gender, and, if activated correctly, they can unify nations.


We sponsor the Emirates Golden Lions, Johannesburg’s provincial rugby team. A team that values pride and excellence while continually going from strength to strength . It is an honour to be associated with them and their rich heritage.

Gold Circle

We are proud to be considered a sure bet, as the key workwear supplier to Gold Circle and all their staff members, working on race courses and in betting outlets across South Africa.



Through Plaas Publishing, we are proud to dress the National Auctions around the country. By partnering with this iconic publishing house, we gain exposure to the agricultural sector, through magazines such as Veeplaas, Stockfarm and many more.

Keep a look out for our logo at these Auctions nation wide.

Weston Agricultural College

For the second year running, Jonsson Workwear has had the privilege of sponsoring Weston Agricultural College, a beautiful, historical school in Mooi River.  The school staff have been fully kitted out in our high-quality workwear  ensuring that they are fit for purpose as they up-skill keen learners every day.

Weston Agricultural College is a high school for boys which focuses on creating a hard working ethos and instilling practical hands-on farming skills. We are thrilled to continue our relationship with this empowering school.