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Jonsson Workwear’s Vented Long Sleeve Reflective Work Shirt

By JW on February 24, 2015 in Innovations, Workwear

Vents allow air to get into the garment and prevent overheating. At Jonsson Workwear, we use simple mesh panels which allow air to circulate, so that workers stay cool and comfortable. Vent panels places in the upper back area allow increased air-flow over the back, neck and shoulders, and the underarm ventilation allows cross flow air movement around the body.

These garments are available in navy and orange as well as navy and yellow.

Jonsson Workwear’s Sun Shield Range

By JW on January 22, 2015 in Innovations, Latest News

Jonsson Workwear is waging war on the sun’s harmful rays and in December launched a range of Jonsson Sun Shield products. The Sun Shield range was born out of the idea that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has developed well beyond the boundaries of a standard Conti suit or steel toe cap boots. The range offers a high level of protection for those people working outdoors who are exposed to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The products on sale out of Workwear Depot and Jonsson Zone stores will be a 125ml SPF 50 Lotion, 10ml SPF 50 Lotion, 30g SPF 50 Sun Stick and a 4.8g SPF 15 Lip Balm. All the products provide maximum sun protection and all formulations are water resistant. With summer in full swing ensure that you get your Jonsson Sun Shield to protect you this summer!

Jonsson Workwear collaborates with Viz Reflectives

By admin on March 19, 2014 in Innovations, Workwear

Jonsson Workwear is pioneering the high visibility industry in Africa. Continuous research and innovation ensures we provide the best workwear solution for our customers. At Jonsson we understand that only the best will do when it comes to safety and we strive to produce high quality workwear with world class finishes and trims to ensure your workforce is visible and safe at all times.

Jonsson Workwear is proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with Viz Reflectives. Viz Reflectives is an established, cutting edge reflective tape manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom. Viz Reflectives joined forces with YSL China to produce a reflective tape brand known as VizLite®. VizLite® reflective tape is used in many first world workwear industries throughout the globe and is known for its high quality, long lifespan and wide selection of reflective tapes. Jonsson Workwear will be the exclusive user of VizLite® reflective tape for workwear throughout Africa.

Our superior quality guarantee:
– VizLite® reflective tape is sewn on to our garments using highly advanced ACA polyester core spun thread. This thread has high abrasion resistance and high breaking strength.
– We use a specialised needle to attach the tape which is designed to protect the thread from making contact with the glass beads of the tape, thus avoiding abrasion which would weaken the thread.
The combination of the care taken to attach the tape, and the specialised needle and thread we use, guarantee the superior quality of a Jonsson Workwear taped garment.
For more information on our high-visabilty garments please visit our website at and view our catalogue.

Weather the storm with our new & improved Rainsuits

By JW on January 28, 2014 in Innovations, Workwear

Natural elements can be problematic for many industries, with rain impacting on productivity. In order to protect our rainsuit wearers from such elements, we have decided to evolve our Extra Strength Rainsuits by making a few improvements.

In order to ensure our Rainsuits are still of the same high quality, the tough and durable water resistant PVC coated polyester fabric remains, along with other features such as storm cuffs and clear side panels in the stow away hood. We have removed the press stud fly closure on the trousers, and have added a flap over the front zip, to prevent water from entering the zip.

Our Rainsuits are available in a wide range of colours, including High Visibility Rainsuits with reflective tape.

The Jonsson Workwear Extra Strength Rainsuits are built for ultimate water resistance, keeping the wearer dry, safe and comfortable at all times.

The Ultimate Outdoor Legendary Shirt

By JW on November 20, 2013 in Innovations, Workwear

Jonsson is proud to be extending the Legendary Khaki Range by adding new Legendary Vented and Quick Dry Shirts. These shirts are inspired by the hard-working outdoor man who knows the value of taking time to observe his natural surroundings.

Our 100% cotton Legendary Vented Shirts are cool and breathable and come in three colours, khakhi, fatigue and stone. The fabric undergoes a hard stone wash ensuring comfort and softness. Our 100% nylon Quick Dry Shirts are perfect for wet conditions, suitable for the African climate. The nylon fabric has been treated with antibacterial and an insect repellent finish making it suitable for all outdoor environments. These Quick Dry Shirts come in two colours, stone and blue

We have now added additional features to further optimise these garments. Both shirts have back vents with mesh fabric to increase ventilation. These shirts also include a utility chest strap and loop, which are useful in fishing environments. Furthermore, these shirts are long sleeve for maximum sun protection with a roll up sleeve option and button closure tab. With the harsh effects of sun rays, both fabrics are UPF50+ which indicates a high level of ultraviolet absorption.

Whether you are out working on a farm, a nature reserve, conserving one of the big five or supervising a construction site, these versatile outdoor shirts are a must-have.

This is the ideal legendary outdoor shirt for a legendary man.

The Jonsson Short Sleeve Work Jacket, ideal for the Summer heat

By JW on November 04, 2013 in Innovations, Workwear

With temperatures rising and summer quickly approaching, workers are in need of workwear that keeps them cool whilst at the same time allowing them to be both productive and efficient. Jonsson is proud to bring you the ultimate solution for your workforce, the Jonsson Short Sleeve Work Jacket. Renowned for its durability and strength, our Short Sleeve Work Jacket is designed to offer comfort, extreme functionality and durable protection. With a front button closure to keep you cool, it is the ideal solution for those hot summer days. This range is available in a wide range of colours, designed to fit and complement our iconic Work Trousers.

For more information on this revolutionary product visit our catalogue.