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By JW on December 07, 2015 in Workwear

806w x  806h


By JW on December 07, 2015 in Workwear

1686w x 806h

Jonsson Workwear’s Vented Long Sleeve Reflective Work Shirt

By JW on February 24, 2015 in Innovations, Workwear

Vents allow air to get into the garment and prevent overheating. At Jonsson Workwear, we use simple mesh panels which allow air to circulate, so that workers stay cool and comfortable. Vent panels places in the upper back area allow increased air-flow over the back, neck and shoulders, and the underarm ventilation allows cross flow air movement around the body.

These garments are available in navy and orange as well as navy and yellow.

Jonsson Workwear’s Business Range

By JW on February 12, 2015 in Workwear

The Jonsson Workwear Business Range is a modern yet practical collection  of corporate workwear for men and women. These garments have been specifically designed and tailored to ensure that wearers can feel proud because they look good and feel good in these garments.

The range is made up of fabrics, fits and styling that guarantee simplicity but still functionality, ensuring comfortable, no-fuss garments that are fit for purpose.

Click here to view our collection of corporate wear for your back to work business requirements!

Update on the Jonsson Workwear Zones

By JW on February 06, 2015 in Latest News, Workwear

Our Jonsson Workwear Zones stores are taking the workwear industry by storm. The growth that our stores have experienced over the past 12 months has been phenomenal and we are well on our way to achieve our target of 100 stores in 3 years.

2014 was a remarkable year where we have managed to modify some of our focus from a world class workwear manufacturer to a retail oriented brand and open 18 new retail stores. It has been a great success and these stores have strengthened our relationships with some of our key workwear customers as well as further segmenting our brand into the hearts of many of our hard working wearers.

The new Jonsson Workwear Zone stores include the following:

7 new Agrimark Zones in the Western Cape

1 Agrimark Zone in Marble Hall

3 Zones in the Cymot stores, Namibia (Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Tsumeb)

1 Zone store with BKB in Standerton

1 Zone with Shutterlock in Randfontein

If you haven’t yet visited a Jonsson Workwear Zone store, click here to find the nearest store in your area.

Jonsson Workwear’s Legendary One Pocket Shirt

By JW on January 30, 2015 in Latest News, Workwear

Inspired by the modern working man, Jonsson Workwear introduces the new versatile Legendary one pocket shirt. Constructed from a comfortable 100% cotton twill, this stylish yet hard-wearing shirt is available in 10 colours. With subtle branding, this shirt becomes the ideal solution as a corporate uniform or for outdoor adventure, blurring the line between work and leisure. Now available at selected Jonsson Workwear distributors.

Legendary. Remarkable. Enough to be famous.

Be Prepared for the Rainy Season

By admin on October 24, 2014 in Workwear

Jonsson Workwer has developed a hollistic rainwear range aimed at keeping wearers as dry as possible in wet conditions allowing them the freedom to continue their duties during unfavourable conditions, without any delays.

Our extra-strength rainwear garments are manufactured from water resistant PVC fabric which is light and supple, yet sturdy. A stow-away hood allows for garment flexibility, whilst the back and underarm vents enable breathability.

Our rainwear range will ensure that, no matter what the season, workers are not restricted by weather conditions and can continue business as usual!

Jonsson Workwear’s Diverse Work Jacket Range

By admin on July 03, 2014 in Workwear

At Jonsson Workwear we believe in giving our wearers the luxury of choice.  We take pride in our diverse range of products which cater for a host of different needs.

Our work jacket range alone consists of 28 work jackets which differ either in style or in colour. This assorted work jacket range includes the 65/35 polycotton work jacket, the 100% cotton work jacket, the short sleeve work jacket and the renowned 2 tone work jacket.

These work jackets can be paired with a selection of different colour work trousers, giving you a wide range of combinations to choose from.


The Ultimate Outdoor Shirt

By admin on June 12, 2014 in Workwear

As we celebrate hard-working fathers this month we have decided to showcase our Legendary Vented and Quick Dry Shirts.


Every father needs strong, durable workwear for work as well as play. Jonsson Workwear’s Legendary Vented and Quick Dry shirts are perfect for any outdoor activity, whether it be fishing, camping or hiking. These shirts are designed to endure the harsh African climate and come in two fabrics; 100% lightweight cotton and 100% lightweight nylon. They are both UPF +50 and will protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. The cotton fabric is hard stone washed to give it a softer, more comfortable feel and a trendy look. The nylon fabric has been given an antibacterial and insect repellent finish. The 100% cotton fabric is vented, making this shirt cooler to endure warmer temperatures. These functional Jonsson Workwear shirts offer ultimate comfort and protection whilst you explore the magnificent outdoors.

Jonsson Workwear’s Sock Range

By admin on May 19, 2014 in Workwear

Socks have evolved over the centuries from the earliest models, which were made from animal skins gathered up and tied around the ankles. They play different functions from keeping your feet warm to absorbing sweat.

Jonsson Workwear, with the vision of providing workwear solutions for peak performance, has introduced the Anklet and Low Cut Sock to the accessory range. These socks are designed and manufactured for comfort and functionality. With approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of human feet, which excrete as much as half a pint of moisture each day,  the Jonsson Socks have been given an antibacterial treatment to prevent development of foot fungus and odour. As the majority of hard-workers spend the working day on their feet, our Socks have extra fine toe seams and additional cushioning for added comfort and durability. They boast a fitting, elastic ankle band which snuggly hugs your foot. All out Socks are made from 60% Cotton which makes them breathable, 38% Polymide for moisture absorption, and 2% Elastane which stretches and allows the foot to move freely as well as preventing slipping.



4-7 / 8-12


ANKLET SOCK: Khaki, Navy, Grey, Fatigue, Black

LOW CUT SOCK: White, Navy, Grey, Fatigue, Black