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Corporate Workwear Solutions

Big Brands wear our Brand

Just like any stylist is excited to dress a celebrity, we are excited to dress big famous brands.

This is why we are extremely proud to work with some of the most iconic companies in southern Africa, providing each one with a completely specialised workwear solution.

Our services include:

  • The conception and design of the uniforms based on worldwide trends and fabrics.
  • Alignment with each company’s Corporate Identity.
  • Production and manufacturing of all garments at dedicated Jonsson Workwear factories.
  • Warehousing.
  • Distribution of garments to individual businesses and their subsequent retail outlets.
  • Customised ordering for specialised needs.
  • Sales support: a large team of Jonsson Workwear staff dedicated to customer service.
  • Individual packing and delivery to each and every person within the company.

What does this mean for your brand?

At Jonsson Workwear, we firmly believe that being dressed correctly can improve performance. Not just from a safety and comfort perspective but because the wearer feels more appreciated and of value.


Ranges are designed for the environment in which they are used.

“Jonsson Workwear has been a long standing supplier of our Pick n Pay uniform offer. They have for many years offered an all-inclusive service to the business. They understand the importance of our brand and have always exceeded our expectations. We are proud to be associated with them!”

- Helen de Light, Pick n Pay

Form & Fit

We pride ourselves on a comfortable approach to uniform design, ensuring the uniform is modern, casual and comfortable.

“We successfully launched the new KFC uniform range in May last year. Months were spent fine-tuning the garments, and I worked closely with a great team to get the final result for a successful roll out. The uniforms are amazing and have been a great success in stores. Thank-you Jonsson for your dedicated time, service and enthusiasm in launching the new KFC range."

- Natalie Van Niekerk, KFC


Quality fabric is a necessity on all garments that we create.

Brands we work with