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Future Leaders Academy

The Jonsson Workwear Future Leaders Academy offers the opportunity to selected enquiring minds and off-the-wall thinkers to experience and immerse themselves in the workings of Africa’s pioneering workwear manufacturer.

Once you’re up to speed with some work-integrated learning, expectations will be high, giving you the chance to prove your skill by contributing to the deliverables of the business. Spend time in every part of the business – from the creativity of New Product Development and Marketing, to the complexities of Operations. Immerse yourself in our manufacturing facilities in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho followed by time in our state-of-the-art distribution centre in Johannesburg. Make the most of the opportunity to engage directly and share ideas with our dynamic and diverse Jonsson Workwear team and understand a business that thrives on using our own talent instead of relying on third-party suppliers.

The Jonsson Workwear Future Leaders Academy offers an intense 2 year-long structured plan of practical work experience in every facet of the business, ultimately giving you the foundation for a very prosperous career.

At Jonsson Workwear, we have grown from strength to strength. Not from following norms or chasing trends. We’ve achieved this through our untraditional and daring approach. For that reason we’re looking for the “diamond in the rough”. Someone with the persistence to get the job done, no matter what it takes. Someone who may not be the best on paper, but will push the boundaries in order to achieve success.

To be a part of the Future Leaders Academy, there’s one question that really matters to us. We stand out…do you?

Minimum Requirements:

  • Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree or Diploma
  • Lives in Durban or surrounding area

Applications opening soon.