We aim to deliver the Product to You at the place of delivery requested by You in Your order, within the time indicated by Us in the Confirmation of Order, however We cannot be held to a specific date or time and We shall not be held be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery. We will endeavour to advise You of any delays relating to Your order.

You agree to inspect the Product for any obvious faults, defects or damage before You sign for delivery. You also agree to keep the receipt for the delivered Product as a reference for any future dealings with Us in respect thereof.

All risk in the Product shall pass to You upon despatch for delivery. From the time when risk passes to You, we will not be liable for loss or destruction of the Product

Please note that We may be unable to facilitate delivery to certain addresses. In the rare event that this is the case, We will advise You and arrange for cancellation of the order or delivery to an alternative delivery address.

If You are not available to take delivery, We may leave a note giving you instructions on either re-delivery or collection from the courier company concerned.

We have a standard method of packing our goods for delivery with due care. Any additional special packaging requested by You may be subject to additional charges, in our sole discretion. You must make Us aware of such requests at the time of placing Your order. You must take care when opening Your packages so as not to damage the Products contained therein and We will not be liable for any damages to the Products as a result of careless handling of the packages by You.

If delivery or collection is delayed through Your refusal to accept delivery or if You do not (within 2 (two) weeks of Our first attempt to deliver the Product to You) accept delivery or collect the Product from the courier company, then We may (without affecting any other right or remedy available to us) do either or both of the following:

1. charge You for reasonable storage fees and other costs reasonably incurred by Us as a result of the delay in delivery caused by You; or  

2. cancel the order, in which case We will refund You with any money paid to Us less Our reasonable administration charges, including for attempted delivery and return of the Product to Us, and any storage fees as provided for above.