Jonsson Workwear stores offer a unique on-site customised embroidery and reflective tape facility where you can brand your workwear with your company logo or message. If your industry requires high visibility for the safety of your employees, we can apply reflective or fluorescent tape to any of our garments to ensure your staff are noticed and therefore safe.

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We all know that visual identity is just one of many important factors in creating and maintaining the right perception and impression for your business or organisation.

Embroidering your company's logo/name will make your company instantly recognisable - in fact, it could even give you a competitive edge.

Customising your workwear also identifies your staff and establishes them as trustworthy professionals. Providing a brand identity and making them feel safe will give your employees a sense of belonging to a team and an awareness of unity and pride.

Every Jonsson Workwear store has its own 'Customise' room which is fully equipped with top of the range embroidery and sewing machines.

You can select from a palette of colours to match your logo accurately, or select from a range of reflective and fluorescent tapes to apply to your workwear.


Regardless of the size of your business, a customised uniform creates a very positive brand image as well as motivating your own staff. People pay lip service to the saying "our people are our most important asset". By providing your staff with safe and customised workwear from Jonsson Workwear, you show your staff and your customers that you do care.

While we do stock a wide range of high visibility workwear and workwear with reflective tape, many people want to apply reflective tape to other garments too. People's safety is paramount, but why change your uniform or colours when you can add high visibility and reflective tape to any garment?