Empower deserving young people towards creating a better life.



The Jonsson Foundation (Founded 2018) believes that through education and peak work performance we can fight poverty and create a better world together. 



To make a difference by finding innovative and inspiring opportunities to make a real and measurable difference. 

To give young people life changing opportunities with initiatives that span primary, secondary and tertiary education so that they can choose to create a better life and world. 

To rally like-minded partners throughout the Jonsson network, who through collaboration will extend our joint reach and impact. 

To pay it forward. It is up to us. We can all be part of this social movement to make the world a better place. Beneficiaries will not be obligated to The Jonsson Foundation
but will be expected to pay it forward. 




LEAD: When you lead you give people direction, you give them a place to go.

CARE: Go the extra mile, tell a great story. Inspire. Put on a show.

RESPECT: Everyone is important, every role is important.

RESPONSIBILITY: Stand up. OWN what you do!

COLLABORATE: You can’t operate in a community if you are not a part of it!

INNOVATE: We have to design what we do, where we do it and how we do it, better than anyone.

PROMISES:  Whatever people are expecting. DOUBLE IT! Whatever people are expecting. DOUBLE IT!

PERFORM: Start it energetically and do it NOW.




1. Fellowship and Future Leaders

Leaders are created! The secondary and tertiary bursary programme offers high school scholarships to deserving learners who have a curious, entrepreneurial mindset and the potential to progress to tertiary education through the fellowship programme. The application process is managed by specific placement partners who shortlist applicants. Applicants are then interviewed and final selection is made by the Foundation representatives.


2. Rally to Read

Rally to Read is a rural primary school literacy programme. Training, support and educational resources are provided to teachers in rural classrooms. In 2019, the programme grew from 42 to 62 primary schools and reached over 28 000 learners. The modern teaching practices and carefully selected education material aim to inspire a love of reading and learning. Volunteers and sponsor partners can take part to ensure ‘No child is left behind’ and to give communities support and hope for a better future.


3. Chairman’s Fund

This Fund is a “rapid response” mechanism for emergency relief and special projects. These are typically once-off and dynamically respond to the community in which we live and work. 


4. People with PURPOSE

We want to encourage people who work selflessly to contribute to a better world.


The key focus is on:


Environmental ventures that protect our planet and inspire wellness. Current support includes Wildlands Trust, The Herding Academy, Bird Life and PLOG Squad campaign to stay fit, clean-up our neighborhood and create awareness of climate change.


World of Work 

Entrepreneurial initiatives that create employment and help those stepping into the world of work. Current support includes the Clothing Bank which assists over 800 unemployed mothers create a livelihood through selling end of range products.


Social Justice 

Supporting those who work for a safe, just and equitable society. Current support includes gender violence awareness work by the Jes Foord Foundation and the Helen Suzman Foundation which fights for justice, equal opportunity and human rights: the indispensable elements in a democratic society.


And Beyond 

Changemaking People with Purpose… The primary form of support is through Jonsson Workwear expertise and product, and when available, seconds or redundant product and materials. Cash grants are considered in special instances. Current support includes work in the local community by people working in the Jonsson Manufacturing factory in Lesotho, and so much more. 




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For more information kindly click here to download our Good Works publication.


Trustees: N. Jonsson, C. M. Jonsson, D. Rajab, P. A. Richardson


PBO No. 930064932

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