One of the best service I have received in South Africa. A fan!

Luis Embalo Cape Aquatics

Jonsson Workwear Depot is very knowledgeable and helpful.
The attention to detail is amazing.

Lonicono Muninga Lion Heart Security

Nice experience - relaxed - staff are very knowledgeable

Marc Truss GP+OK CID

Dear Mr Nel (and Beth)
Recently my wife and I came into your premises to purchase SANParks Honorary Ranger gear. We were served by Beth. Then this morning I picked up those items that were embroidered. I (we) would like to compliment Beth on her exceptional service. I am not going to write a long treatise explaining in what way it was exceptional, but words that come to mind are: friendly, helpful, clear speech, well-spoken, knowledgeable, follow- up etc. It is rare to non-existent these days that I experience service and follow up such as given by Beth. This is the kind of service I used to see in the 50s and 60s and has all but disappeared now. Her service was so good, that we both feel that next time we want to buy any outdoor clothing we will come to your company as a first choice just because of that. You are fortunate to have a person like Beth in the service of the company. I trust that you may find some way to reward her for her good work.
Yours sincerely, Paul

Profs Paul and Eileen van Helden SANParks Hon Rangers Cape Town

I'm blown away by your service and prompt delivery. You do not find service like this anymore and I would recommend you to all my suppliers and customers.

Please let your management know that everybody working on my small little order gave their all and I wish your company great success.

Charntel Wagenaar Wagenaars Hydraulics

Jonsson Workwear Depot turned my ordinary logo
into a masterpiece.

Lynelle Gerber GAP Entrepreneur

I was running out of time to organize the jackets and their logo's to be done before our AGM and within 2 days it had all been sorted out for me.

Kerry Trautman MPO KZN

The store has excellent service with the best selection of products.

Johan Church Motor Homeworld

The embroidering of staff names on our workwear is a speedy process. We truly appreciate this accommodating service.

Karen Short By Word of Mouth

Such friendly and helpful staff. A pleasure to shop here.
Staff loved their visit for fittings too.

Annemarie Kriel Freeland Lodge

Best washing, wearing and look.

Nola Molich African Leisure Destination

Fantastic, helpful, friendly service. I am now a committed customer.

Anonymous All Gear Engineering