Man walking with vizibelt
1 in 3 fatalities on our roads are pedestrians.

27 million pedestrians use our roads daily.

Being visible is extremely important while commuting to and from work or school. For this reason, we have launched the JONSSON VIZI BELT initiative.

We commit to giving away 3 million high visibility belts over the next 3 years - FOR FREE

JONSSON VIZI BELT are made from a high quality 50mm wide tape that is neon orange to ensure the wearer is visible during the day and a reflective silver strip for low light conditions.
We hope to help protect the lives of many pedestrians who commute to and from work in South Africa, and we encourage individuals, non-profit organisations, small businesses and corporates to join us on this endeavor.

If you have an organisation or know a community who could benefit from our JONSSON VIZI BELTS, please join the movement as a JONSSON VIZI BELT CHAMPION.

Our Vizi Belts will be available in any one of our JONSSON WORKWEAR stores or online at no cost. Take one for yourself and take another to pass on to someone else. You can order for your school, business or organisation online.

Vizibelt be noticed

We encourage individuals, communities, non-profit organisations, and small businesses to jump on board with us and drive this movement forward.
Collect your Vizi Belts from your closest Jonsson Workwear store.
If you are more than 50km away from a store, please email us directly with a special delivery request. [email protected]


Terms and conditions + -

The Jonsson Workwear Group’s (“Jonsson”) Visibility Belt (“Vizi Belt”) is provided free of charge to their customers, successful applicants and ultimate recipients (“Recipients”) without any guarantees or warranties, either express or implied. All Recipients make use of the Vizi Belt at their own choice and risk and without any expectation of benefit. The Recipients will have no claim for loss, damage or injury suffered by them, whether intended or unintended, pursuant to the wearing of the Vizi Belt and will have no recourse against Jonsson for any reason whatsoever. All decisions taken by Jonsson and their employees during the course of providing Vizi Belts to the public will be final and at their sole discretion and subject to stock availability. Any personal information exchanged will be processed in accordance with the POPI Act. The Vizi Belt is not for sale and should not be used as a replacement for high visibility garments and compliance with the general rules and obligations of pedestrians in terms of the South African National Road Traffic laws. Recipients acknowledge that using or applying for a Vizi Belt in no way entitles them to make use of Jonsson’s confidential information or intellectual property. It is specifically recorded that the Vizi Belt will not be used by Recipients for any political purposes.