Jonsson Workwear Term's & Conditions ("Terms and Conditions")

1.1  We are:
Workwear Depot (Proprietary) Limited ("We/Our/Us")
Registration number: 1973/003675/07
Address: 14 Wiganthorpe Road, Willowton, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Website: www.workweardepot.co.za ("the Site")

1.2 These Terms and Conditions govern all of Our dealings with You, including but not limited to the supply and/or delivery of any product ordered by You on the Site. In clicking "I accept" on these Terms and Conditions, You agree to be legally and unconditionally bound by these Terms and Conditions. No variation or modification of these Terms and Conditions shall be valid or binding, unless expressly agreed to in writing by Our authorised signatory.

1.3 At any time after having first accepted these Terms and Conditions, when You subsequently place an order on the Site, You agree that You do so subject to the version of the Terms and Conditions current as at the date You submit Your Order. You are responsible for reviewing the latest Terms and Conditions each time that You submit an Order.

To use the Site for the purpose of purchasing goods from Us, You must be over 18 (eighteen) years of age and possess a valid credit or debit card issued by a bank acceptable to Us.

3.1  To place an order with Us for any product for sale on Our Site ("Product/s"), You must register for an account on the Site. You agree and warrant that the log-in name and password chosen by You at the time of registration shall:
a) be used for Your personal use only; and
b) not be disclosed to any third party. We shall not be responsible for any misuse of Your log-in details as a result of Your failure to comply with this provision.

3.2 Once You have opened an account, You must follow the instructions on the Site as to how to submit an order on the Site. You hereby warrant that all personal information that You provide to Us at the time of placing an order is accurate and expressly agree that We cannot be held liable for acting upon any incorrect or inaccurate information provided by You.

3.3 Once you have selected a Product that You wish to order and have proceeded to the 'checkout' screen, the amount to be paid by You for such Product will be displayed together with the additional charges that You must pay for the Product including VAT and shipping fees (where applicable). All charges will be displayed in South African currency. By submitting Your order from the checkout screen, You will complete Your order and will be deemed to have made a valid and binding offer to purchase Our Product.

3.4  You must pay for the Product in full at the time of ordering by supplying Us with Your credit or debit card details from a credit or debit card company acceptable to Us, which We require in order to process Your order. Alternatively, You may pay by EFT, but in such cases, we shall not be bound to supply You with the Product before We have received cleared funds in full.

3.5   We reserve the right not to accept certain forms of payment and to refer You to an alternative payment method, in Our sole discretion.

3.6  By providing Us with the details of a credit or debit card for payment for Our Product, You are warranting that You are legally entitled to use that card or account and that the card has sufficient funds to cover the proposed payment to Us.

3.7  You undertake that all details that You provide to us for the purpose of purchasing the Product from Us will be correct, that the credit or debit card and/or bank account and/or other payment method which You use is Your own and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of the Product. We reserve the right to obtain validation of Your payment details from the relevant financial institution prior to providing You with the Product.

3.8  Your order remains an offer to purchase' Our Product, until We issue Our Confirmation of order or, if earlier, when We receive Your notice revoking Your order. We are not obliged to supply the Product to You until We have accepted Your order. We may refuse to accept an order from You for any reason, including unavailability of Product or We may offer You an alternative Product (in which case we may require you to re-submit your order first). Acceptance of Your order by Us will be confirmed by way of an email to You containing a "Confirmation of Order". Your order may be cancelled or modified by You by notifying Us by email at [email protected] at any time prior to receiving the "Confirmation of Order" email. We reserve the right to 'partially fulfil' any order by confirming Our acceptance of Your order in respect of only certain Products ordered by You. In such instances, the remainder of Your order will still be considered an 'offer to purchase' until We confirm Our acceptance of the order for such remaining Product.

3.9  Although We make every effort to ensure that the prices published upon the Site are accurate and up to date, We reserve the right to change the price of any Product prior to Our acceptance of Your Order. In the event that there is any change in the price of any Product ordered by You, We will contact You to confirm that You wish to proceed at the amended price.

3.10 We reserve the right, in the case of suspected fraud (in Our sole discretion), to refuse to accept or process payment on any order, and/or to cancel any sale concluded between You and Us, in whole or in part.

3.11 If, after we have accepted Your order, a Product is not available for any reason. We will notify You and return any payment that You have made, and We accept no liability which may arise as a result of such refusal to process any order/sale.

3.12  in the event of any refunds of any order, We will always attempt to refund any money received from You using the same method originally used by You to pay for the Product. If this is not possible for whatever reason, We will contact You to arrange an alternative method of refund.

3.13  It is Your sole responsibility to ensure that any Products ordered from Us are sufficient and suitable for your purposes. We do not warrant that Our Products will meet your individual requirements, nor do We warrant that they will be fit for Your individual purposes. Our Products are designed as standard for the purposes described and are not tailor-made to individual requirements.

4.1  We aim to deliver the Product to You at the place of delivery requested by You in Your order, within the time indicated by Us in the Confirmation of Order, however We cannot be held to a specific date or time and We shall not be held be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery. We will endeavour to advise You of any delays relating to Your order.

4.2  You agree to inspect the Product for any obvious faults, defects or damage before You sign for delivery. You also agree to keep the receipt for the delivered Product as a reference for any future dealings with Us in respect thereof.

4.3  All risk in the Product shall pass to You upon despatch for delivery. From the time when risk passes to You, we will not be liable for loss or destruction of the Product

4.4  Please note that We may be unable to facilitate delivery to certain addresses. In the rare event that this is the case, We will advise You and arrange for cancellation of the order or delivery to an alternative delivery address.

4.5 If You are not available to take delivery, We may leave a note giving you instructions on either re-delivery or collection from the courier company concerned.

4.6 We have a standard method of packing our goods for delivery with due care. Any additional special packaging requested by You may be subject to additional charges, in our sole discretion. You must make Us aware of such requests at the time of placing Your order. You must take care when opening Your packages so as not to damage the Products contained therein and We will not be liable for any damages to the Products as a result of careless handling of the packages by You.

4.7 If delivery or collection is delayed through Your refusal to accept delivery or if You do not (within 2 (two) weeks of Our first attempt to deliver the Product to You) accept delivery or collect the Product from the courier company, then We may (without affecting any other right or remedy available to us) do either or both of the following:

4.7.1 charge You for reasonable storage fees and other costs reasonably incurred by Us as a result of the delay in delivery caused by You; or  

4.7.2 cancel the order, in which case We will refund You with any money paid to Us less Our reasonable administration charges, including for attempted delivery and return of the Product to Us, and any storage fees as provided for above. 

5.1 We warrant only that:

5.1.1  the Products will be delivered new and undamaged in the quantities ordered; and  

5.1.2 the Products will conform with the specifications stipulated on the Site or in Our Product material at the time of Your Order;
5.1.3 the Products are intended to be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications as stipulated on the Site or as on the Products. It is Your sole responsibility to ensure that you use the Product strictly in accordance with those instructions.

5.2  Products may vary slightly in terms of specified colours, designs, dimensions, materials, measurements and other features to the extent that such variances are reasonable.

5.3 In terms of 'cooling off' laws, You are entitled to cancel any sale concluded with Us within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the Products and to obtain a refund. You may also cancel a sale where delivery is delayed beyond the stipulated delivery date/timeframe (or where none is specified, beyond 30 (thirty) days from the order date). No cancellation fees shall apply in such instances, provided that:

5.3.1  the Products are returned in the condition that they were delivered;
5.3.2 to the extent that only certain Products are returned to Us, We shall be entitled to recalculate the delivery charges for those Products kept by You and retain such fees.
5.3.3 You will be liable for the freight cost of any returns made due to exchanges, whether it be returned with Your own courier, or We could quote You on the collection of the returning Products. Only once freight payment is received for the returns, will the collection be arranged.

5.4 In the event that You claim that any Product is defective, You agree to keep the Product in its current condition available for Us to inspect within a reasonable time.

5.5 In order to provide You with any remedies for a defective Product, You agree to cooperate in providing information as required by Us regarding the Product, including detailing how the Product is defective and any other information as We reasonably may require.

5.6  Your remedies in the event of a Product being defective are one of the following:

5.6.1  refund; or
5.6.2  repair; or
5.6.3  replacement

5.7 In the event that we find that a Product, alleged to be defective, has been abused, or misused, or neglected, or subjected to inadequate or improper handling, or modified in any way, or the subject of normal 'wear and tear', We may in our sole discretion elect not to refund, repair or replace the Product and in addition We may require You to pay all reasonable delivery and servicing costs and charge this to your credit or debit card, or the payment details that you provided to Us when You placed Your order.

6.1  You may use promotional coupon and gift vouchers as payment for regular priced Products on the Site. Specific details for promotional coupons are stipulated in clause 6.6 and for gift vouchers at clause 6.7.

6.2  To redeem vouchers in Your Account or check an existing credit, please visit "My User Account" on the Site.

6.3  We may email gift and promotional vouchers to You. We accept no liability for errors in the email address of the voucher recipient.

6.4  If You have a gift or promotional voucher, that voucher can be used by someone other than You and You can assign Your rights to use such voucher. Vouchers may only be redeemed once and therefore it is Your sole responsibility to ensure that these vouchers are kept safe. We will not be liable for any unauthorised loss, misuse or theft of vouchers.

6.5  In the event of fraud or an attempt at deception or in the event of the suspicion of other illegal activities in connection with vouchers, We shall be entitled to close Your Account and/or, in Our sole discretion, invalidate any voucher.

6.6   From time to time We may release, in Our sole discretion, promotional coupons that may be used on the Site, which We will send to You by email. Promotional coupons:

6.6.1  can only be redeemed on the Site;
6.6.2  are valid for the specified time period stated on them only;
6.6.3  can only be redeemed against regular priced Products;
6.6.4  cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional coupons
6.6.5  might not be able to be redeemed against Individual brands or Products, which we might expressly exclude from coupon promotions;
6.6.6  may be used exclusively for purchases on the Site and not in Our stores, unless otherwise expressly specified;
6.6.7  are not partially redeemable, therefore in the event that You place an order for a Product less than the value of the promotional coupon, no refund or residual credit will be returned to You, however, in the event that the credit of a promotional coupon is insufficient for the order You wish to place, You may 'top up' the difference through payment; and
6.6.8  do not accrue interest, nor do they have a cash value. 

6.7 You may purchase gift vouchers for use on the Site by You, or as a gift. These gift vouchers will be sent to you via email.  Gift vouchers:

6.7.1  cannot be used to buy further gift vouchers;
6.7.2  may only be purchased through debit or credit card or EFT;
 do not accrue interest, nor do they have a cash value;
6.7.4  gift vouchers may not be returned or exchanged for cash;
6.7.5  are considered to have been redeemed if used as payment in placing an order;
6.7.6  may be used as partial payment for an order, therefore if the credit of a gift voucher is insufficient for the order, You may 'top up' the difference through payment.

7.1  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in these Terms and Conditions, this  clause 7 prevails over all other clauses and sets forth our entire liability, and your sole and exclusive remedies, for the performance, non-performance, purported performance or delay in performance of these Terms and Conditions; or otherwise in relation to these Terms and Conditions or the entering into or performance of these Terms and Conditions.

7.2 In no event shall Our total liability to You for all costs, damages and/or losses, whether direct, indirect or consequential exceed an amount equivalent to the total value of the order for Our Products giving rise to the cause of action in respect of such costs, damages or losses.

8.1 We shall perform Our obligations under these Terms and Conditions with reasonable skills and care.

8.2 Should You have any complaints arising out of Your use of the Site, You may contact Us at any time using the contact details given in clause 1.1 of these Terms and Conditions. We will attempt to address Your concerns as soon as reasonably possible and will contact You within a reasonable time of having received any relevant enquiry or complaint. In many cases of Product related complaints, the manufacturer may have to be involved by Us and accordingly, it may take longer to resolve such an enquiry or complaint.

8.3  In the event of any complaint, it will assist Us if You describe the object of Your complaint as accurately as possible and, where applicable, send Us copies of the order or at the order number that We assign You in the Confirmation of Order. Should You not have received any reaction from us within 5 (five) Business Days, please make further enquiries. In rare cases Your emails may be captured by Our spam filters or not reach Us, or correspondence that We send to You may otherwise not reach You.

9.1 Our protection of your personal information is detailed in our 'Privacy Policy', which forms part of these Terms and Conditions.

9.2 You hereby authorise us to take all reasonable steps to ensure the integrity and security of the Site and any of its back-office applications.
All credit card transactions are Secure Socket Layer encrypted. Our registration documents and the Site's registered domain name are checked and verified by VCS.

10.1  We shall not be liable to You for any breach, hindrance or delay in Our performance, attributable to any cause beyond Our reasonable control, including without limitation any natural disaster and unavoidable incident, actions of third parties (including without limitation hackers, suppliers, governments, quasi-governmental, supra-national or local authorities), insurrection, riot, civil commotion, war, hostilities, national emergencies, terrorism, arrests, restraints or detainments of any competent authority, strikes or combinations or lock-out of workmen, epidemic, fire, explosion, storm, flood, drought, weather conditions, earthquake, natural disaster, accident, mechanical breakdown, third party software, failure or problems with public utility supplies (including electrical, telecoms or Internet failure), shortage of or inability to obtain supplies, materials, equipment or transportation ("Event of Force Majeure"), regardless of whether the circumstances in question could have been foreseen.

10.2  Either You or We may terminate an order by written notice to the other in the event that the Event of Force Majeure lasts for a period of 2 (two) business days or more, in which event neither You nor We shall be liable to the other by reason of such termination (other than for the refund of a Product already paid for by You and not delivered).

10.3  If We have contracted to provide identical or similar Products to more than one customer and are prevented from fully meeting our obligations to You by reason of an Event of Force Majeure, we may decide, in our sole discretion, which orders we will fulfil and to what extent.

11.1  Any notice required to be given under these Terms and Conditions, or with reference hereto, shall be in writing and may be served by personal delivery or by pre-paid registered letter or by email addressed to the relevant party at the address or email address of the relevant party last known to the other.

11.2  Any notice given by post shall be deemed to have been served 2 (two) Business Days after the same has been posted if the recipient address is in South Africa. Any notice given by email shall be deemed to have been served when the email has been proved to be received by the recipient's server. In proving such service it shall be sufficient to prove that the letter or email was properly addressed and, as the case may be, posted as a prepaid or recorded delivery letter or dispatched or a delivery report received.

The Site is hosted, controlled and operated from the Republic of South Africa and therefore governed by South African law and You and Us submit to the jurisdiction of the South African courts.

We choose as our address for all purposes under these Terms and Conditions, whether in respect of court process, notice, or other documents or communication of whatsoever nature, the following address:

PO BOX 152, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, with a copy to [email protected] (the sending of such copy being required in order for any notice to be validly delivered to Us).

14.1  These Terms and Conditions and any subsequent revised versions hereof shall commence from the date on which they are respectively published on the Site and continue indefinitely, as amended by Us from time to time, for so long as the Site exists and is operational, We being entitled to terminate these Terms and Conditions and/or close the Site at any time (subject to still processing any orders then already placed and accepted by Us).

14.2  No failure or delay by Us or You in exercising any right under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as a waiver of such right or extend to or affect any other or subsequent event or impair any rights or remedies in respect of it or in any way modify or diminish Our or Your rights under these Terms and Conditions or a Contract.

14.3  If any clause in these Terms and Conditions shall become or shall be declared by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall in no way affect any other clause or part of any clause, all of which shall remain in full force and effect, so long as these Terms and Conditions shall be capable of continuing in effect without the unenforceable term.

14.4  You shall not be entitled to assign, transfer, novate, charge, sub-contract, create any trust over or deal in any other manner with these Terms and Conditions without Our prior written consent.

14.5  Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall create or be deemed to create a partnership, an agency or a relationship of employer and employee between You and Us.

14.6  No person who is not a party to these Terms and Conditions shall acquire any rights under it or be entitled to benefit from any of its terms even if that person has relied on any such term or has indicated to any party to these Terms and Conditions its assent to any such term.

14.7  A full record of every sale and related transaction between You and Us shall be maintained on the Site for a period of 12 (twelve) months following the date of such sale or related transaction. You shall thus only be able to view and print such record during such period, whereafter You shall be responsible for retaining Your own record of the relevant sale or related transaction.

14.8  Any and all copyright subsisting in the Website, including theses Terms and Conditions, vests in Us and all rights not expressly granted are reserved.

14.9  When you visit the Site or send e-mails to Us, you consent to receiving communications from Us electronically and agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications sent by Us satisfy any legal requirements, including but not limited to the requirement that such communications should be in "writing".

14.10 These terms are subject to the provisions of the Electronic Communications and  transactions Act no. 25 of 2002 (the ECT Act") and any of the terms that are in conflict with any of the compulsory provisions of the ECT Act will be deemed to have been modified so as to comply with such provisions of the ECT Act.

Save for Us being liable to You under the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 ("CPA") in relation to any products sold by Us to You via the Site; and under sections 43(5) and 43(6) of the ECT Act in relation to Our payment systems not being sufficiently secure,
Neither We nor any of Our agents or representatives shall be liable for any damage, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising from the use or inability to use this Site or the services or content provided from and through this Site. Furthermore, We make no representations or warranties, implied or otherwise, that, amongst others, the content and technology available from this Site are free from errors or omissions or that the service will be 100% uninterrupted and error free. You are encouraged to report any possible malfunctions and errors to [email protected]
Although the products sold via the Site may be under warranty, the Site itself is supplied on an "as is" basis and has not been compiled or supplied to meet Your individual requirements. It is Your sole responsibility to satisfy Yourself prior to accepting these Terms and Conditions that the service available from and through this Site will meet your individual requirements and be compatible with your hardware and/or software. Information, ideas and opinions expressed on this Site should not be regarded as professional advice or the official opinion of Us and You are encouraged to consult professional advice before taking any course of action related to information, ideas or opinions expressed on this Site.

16.1 Competition Terms and Conditions


16.2 Energy Shoe Competition

16.2.1 Stand a chance to win 25 pairs of Energy Shoes.

16.2.2 Welcome to the “Energy Shoe Give-Away” competition (the "Competition") conducted by Jonsson Workwear (PTY) LTD (Registration Number: 1966/008288/07 (the “Promoter”). These rules are the official rules of the competition (the "Rules"). These Rules (together with any official competition communications) will govern and apply to the Competition. Please take a moment to review the Rules. By your participation, you agree that the Rules will govern all aspects of your relationship with the Competition and competition-related agents, and the Promoter. These Rules can only be modified (or superseded) by the Promoter (in its reasonable discretion) in a written revision to these rules posted on the competition website or (at the Promoter's sole discretion) any other potential official competition communication methods reasonably calculated to reach most potential participants.


16.3 Participation

     16.3.1 The Competition is conducted by the Promoter.

     16.3.2 No person who is a director, employee, sponsor or agent of or consultant to Promoter or who is a spouse, life partner, parent, child, brother, sister, business partner, or associate to a director, employee or agent of or consultant to       Promoter is eligible to participate or enter this competition

     16.3.3 This competition is only open to legal residents of the Republic of South Africa.


16.4 Entries:

     16.4.1 The competition runs from Tuesday 11 February 2020 till Friday 14 February 2020. No late entries will be accepted.

     16.4.2 The Competition will initially be entered into by an individual (the “Nominator”).

     16.4.3 The Nominator will nominate a business (the “Business”) to be the ultimate winner of the Competition.

     16.4.4 The Nominator will nominate the Business by tagging the Business on social media, thereby entering the Business into the Competition.

     16.4.5 Only one entry per Nominator will be accepted.

     16.4.6 The winning Business will be randomly chosen via a certified method of selection.

     16.4.7 No responsibility will be accepted for entries lost, delayed or damaged in transmission.

     16.4.8 Entries reflected on the Promoter’s records will be treated as the only validation source and will be the only evidence of successful entries.

     16.4.9 Closing Dates: Entries must be received by the Promoter no later than 14:00 on Friday 14 February 2020.


16.5 Prizes:

  16.5.1 The prizes will consist of 25 pairs of Energy shoes and no size is guaranteed.

  16.5.2 The Jonsson Workwear Energy Shoes will be delivered to the Businesses’ addresses.

  16.5.3 The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  16.5.4 The sizes of the Energy Shoe given will be final and will not be exchanged.

  16.5.5 If the Promoter is not able to contact the initial winning Businesses, then the Promoter reserves the right to choose another winner.

  16.5.6 The Promoter reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if the original prize is not available.

  16.5.7 The Promoter is not responsible for any damaged prize items after signature of receipt.

  16.5.8 The prize may be subject to additional terms and conditions that the Business must comply with.

16.6 Prize winner selection

  16.6.1 Winners will be drawn by the Promoter from all valid entries only.

  16.6.2 The winning Businesses drawn by the Promoter will be the Prize Winners.

  16.6.3 The prize winners will be notified via social media/ telephone / e-mail and the prize winners’ names will be published on the Promoter’s social media sites.

  16.6.4 Prize winners may be requested to participate in publicity connected to this competition. The prize winners grant permission for the use of their names and photographs in any advertising and promotional material for the       Competition.

  16.6.5 The Nominators, Businesses and Prize Winners absolve the Promoter, its affiliates, its advertising agencies, advisors, suppliers, nominated agents and dealers from liability from any and all claims howsoever arising, including from     wilful misconduct or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any such person.

  16.6.6 The Promoter reserves the right to alter or cancel the competition at its discretion, without recourse.


16.7 Personal Data

  16.7.1 The Nominator will be asked to provide their full name, phone number, e-mail address and other related information; (amongst others)

  16.7.2 The Promoter will collect and will use the personal data listed hereby in order to enable participation in the Competition and related online activities.

  16.7.3 The personal data will be available exclusively for the Promoter’s, its affiliates and subsidiaries’ marketing purposes and, by participating in the Competition, you expressly consent to the transfer, storage and processing of the data in South Africa.

  16.7.4 The Promoter keeps the data to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws or regulations.

  16.7.5 By providing a nomination, you grant the Promoter and its affiliated companies the right, except where prohibited by law, to use your name for competition purposes in promoting or publicising the competition, including the right to name the Prize Winner(s) of the prize(s) in public.

  16.7.6 The Promoter does not allow third parties to use the personal information for a different purpose.



  16.8.1 The Nominators, Businesses and Prize Winners indemnify the Promoter, its advertising agencies, advisers, suppliers, and nominated agents against any and all claims, damages or loss howsoever arising, including but not limited to wilful misconduct or negligent act or omission arising from their participation in this competition.



  16.9.1 The Promoter reserves the right to terminate the competition at any time.

  16.9.2 The Promoter cannot accept any responsibility for entries not received because they have been lost, or not received due to interrupted internet connections or miscommunications, or other electronic malfunctions.

  16.9.3 Any entries found to be duplicate or fraudulent will result in the Nominator and/or Business being excluded from the competition.

  16.9.4 By participating, all Nominators, Businesses and Prize Winners release the Promoter, its affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and all entities associated with the development and execution of this competition from any and all liability with respect to and in any way arising from participation in this competition, acceptance or use of prizes.

  16.9.5 The Nominators, Businesses and Prize Winners also agree that the Promoter, its affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and all entities associated with the development and execution of this competition are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage to their computer related to or resulting from the competition, the submission and/or its prizes.

  16.9.6 Therefore, if you enter this competition, you agree not to hold the Promoter or any associated parties of the Promoter liable for any loss or injury you may suffer as a result of entering this competition.

  16.9.7 The Promoter is not liable for damage to a user’s computer system (including, without limitation, any server failure or lost, delayed or corrupted data or other malfunction) due, either directly or indirectly, to an entrant’s participation in the competition or downloading of information in connection with the competition.

  16.9.8 The Nominators, Businesses and Prize Winners agree that the Promoter and its subsidiaries (The Promoter included), as well as the Promoter’s Corporation’s or its subsidiaries’ advertising and competition agencies, and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents will have no liability whatsoever, and will be held harmless by The Nominators, Businesses and Prize Winners for any injuries, losses or costs or damage of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly from acceptance, possession, misuse or use of  prize or parts thereof, or from participation in this competition.

  16.9.9 The Promoter’s entire liability and the sole and exclusive remedy will be limited to a distribution of the equivalent number of prizes as set forth above. By participating in the competition, you waive any and all rights to bring any claim or action related to such matters in any forum beyond one (1) month after the first occurrence of the kind of act, event, condition or omission upon which the claim or action is based.



  16.10.1 This competition is in no way organized, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the Promoter and not to Facebook. The information you provide will be used for e-mails/SMS communications for future competitions.

  16.10.2 Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the competition can be directed to the Promoter and not to Facebook.

  16.10.3 Instructions form part of the terms and conditions.

  16.10.4 The Promoter reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time, without any notice being given to those participating.



  16.11.1 The Promoter treats all information collected as confidential. The Promoter’s privacy policy outlines how the Promoter collects this information and uses it throughout your interactions with the Promoter.

  16.11.2 Information is collected by specifically requesting it from you, this occurs when you enter the competition.

  16.11.3 Use of information is collected on the site.

  16.11.4 The Promoter wants to help you maintain your privacy on the Internet.

  16.11.5 The Promoter will treat your information in total confidence and will only share your information with our affiliates, investors, alliance partners and agents and will not sell, share or rent this information to any other third parties.

  16.11.6 The information which the Promoter collects form you may be used for a variety of reasons, such as establishing the general demographics, statistics or market information or to compile a broad profile of visitors who engage with the Promoter.


16.12 General Rules

  16.12.1 The selection of the Prize Winners is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

  16.12.2 Income taxes relating to the prizes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the prize winners.

  16.12.3 The laws of the Republic of South Africa govern this competition.


We will never send You unsolicited communication, nor give Your personal data to any third parties for such purposes. You can read Our privacy policy detailed below. If You happen to receive any communication from Us which You consider to be unsolicited, kindly advise Us and We will take immediate action to ensure that you do not receive any further such communication.
We will only collect and use your personal information as outlined below. We shall take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information. For the purpose of this clause, "personal information" shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA).

Collection of Personal Information

When You create an account the personal information we collect may include Your: 

  • Full names
  • Delivery Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Banking details for the purposes of facilitating payment for Your orders
  • Browsing habits and click patterns

The personal information that We collect from You will be used in some or all of the following ways:

  • To ensure payment for Your order
  • To deliver the products You have purchased from Us
  • To update you on the delivery of the product and for customer support purposes
  • To provide you with relevant product information

When You register as an user on the Site, we will also use Your personal information to send You marketing and/or promotional materials, from time to time. You can unsubscribe from marketing information at anytime by using the unsubscribe function within the electronic marketing material.

Updating Your Personal Information

You can update Your personal information anytime by accessing Your account on the Site.

Security of Your Personal Information

We ensure that all information collected will be safely and securely stored. 

We protect your personal information by: 

  • Restricting access to personal information
  • Maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access
  • Securely destroying Your personal information when it is no longer needed for Our record retention purposes

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not share your information with any other organisations other than related companies and those third parties directly related to the delivery of the products that you have purchased from Us. In exceptional circumstances We may be required to disclose personal information, such as when there are grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, or for law enforcement purposes. 

We are committed to complying with the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 and its principles. 

If you believe that your privacy has been breached by Us please contact Us at [email protected] and we will resolve the issue. 

Collection of Computer Data

When you visit the Site, Our company servers will automatically record information that Your browser sends whenever you visit a website. This data may include: 

  • Your computer's IP address
  • Browser type
  • Webpage You were visiting before You came to Our site
  • The pages on the Site that You visit
  • The time spent on those pages, items and information searched for on Our site, access times and dates, and other statistics.

This information is collected for analysis and evaluation in order to help Us improve Our site and the services and products We provide. This data will not be used in association with any other personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify and change this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be published on our site. 

Complaints about breaches of privacy

If You are not satisfied with the way in which We handle Your enquiry or complaint, please don't hesitate to contact Us at [email protected]

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