Our story of purpose has seen us evolve into a revolutionary workwear business, supplying quality, strong and durable garments to local and international markets. We want to empower all working people to perform to the best of their ability every day. 


We believe in excellent service and products of the highest quality; manufacturing and distributing garments ourselves. This ensures we maintain excellent quality, hold sufficient stock and offer short lead times. Our manufacturing facilities are based in Lesotho and Mauritius and produce over 40 000 garments a day. These garments are distributed through our state-of-the-art Distribution Centre based in Johannesburg, which has the capacity to move 20 million pieces annually.


Our products are readily available to purchase at Jonsson Workwear DepotsZones and Stockists across Southern Africa. The Jonsson Workwear Depots are iconic, large retail stores that supply the full Jonsson range as well as a wide array of PPE for different industries. Each store has friendly knowledgeable advisors and its own embroidery and reflective tape application facility.

Jonsson Workwear Zones are based on a “store within a store” concept and have dedicated Jonsson retail spaces, stocking selected products but offering consumers access to our full workwear range.

Jonsson Workwear Stockists carry a range of industry specific products.


We are driven by our commitment to exceptional quality. We’re constantly innovating and meticulously design our purpose-built workwear down to the detail. Our diverse offering of durable workwear excels in any job and every field. Whatever your workwear needs, we’re equipped to provide your workforce with a complete, quality solution suited to your industry.





Over the years, we have established strong partnerships sponsoring iconic brands
that share our values of perseverance and peak performance. We are proud to partner with teams and brands that constantly push boundaries and accomplish remarkable feats.

As a sponsor, we are committed to supporting their continued success and helping them reach even greater heights.

Brands we sponsor include: The Sharks, Lions Rugby, SuperSport United FC, Toyota Gazoo, as well as hosting the Jonsson Workwear Open a golf tournament co-sanctioned with Sunshine Tour and the DP World Tour.





Why Are We Unique? 

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We know that our approach to sustainability impacts on the economy, communities and environments. For this reason our vision and strategy includes our responsibility to contribute to a better world and LIFE.

To promote better practices in our supply chain, our main manufacturing supplier participates annually in a Sedex social and environmental compliance audit.  The Sedex process manages and tracks performance around labour rights, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.  Sedex is a global membership organisation that prides itself on making it simpler to do business that’s good for everyone. They’re home to one of the world’s largest collaborative platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains, used by more than 50,000 members in over 150 countries.

We invest our time and effort in supporting people who live and work with purpose to create a better life for themselves and their communities. Our vision and values guide us in conducting fair and ethical business practices, looking after the communities we operate in, and protecting the environment. We support education, gender and environmental initiatives to cultivate talented future leaders, a thriving planet and a better life through The Jonsson Foundation